still jetlag!

was a long trip i had for holiday…but it was fun and exciting! taking 2 weeks holiday back to home and celebrating Idul Fitri with family, an agenda won’t be missed every year… i also met frens from my ex-skull and college, did gathering for big reunion, shared stories, and lol…some of them still d’same in looks and behavior but some has really changed… specially those who has married. they also took their baby to the event, i think it’s one of their pride to show their next generation, they could say, 2 – 0 telak!….hhahahaha…

@ hade resto with Baronk '99

actually, i had good time meeting pals and fams but when the conversation turned to a question, “kapan…?”, sounds an ads in tv, hehehehe… a lil bother with that but soon i could handle by saying “insya Allah, it’s getting closer…i’ll tell u when it comes”, and u know they have ongoing questions…they were really enthusiasm, felt like i’m celebrity….wkkkkkkkk

with fams @ bantimurung

after spent holiday, went back home… just one nite space to break, flew to Jakarta with Dewi, Aad and Ebi…and the next day we went to Bangkok with EF teams (96 people) from all over Indonesia who have achieved target for BTS 09 (Back to school), yeah…rockey BTS!
we got a chance to step on Changi airport (sophisticated!)…the best airport to sleep for traveler who’s waiting connecting flight. they even have Orchid garden inside the airport, owesome (katrok niy!)…won’t missed the moment, kumat deh…gifo time! hhehehe…

Dewi & Febri @ Changi



patung tiruan1

in Bangkok for 3 days, we explored temples and King of Palace (glamorous)… also night bazaar (luv it, shopping time!). Bangkok and its nite life also offered adventure to passionate lover… “it’s Thai (Free) Land”, they said. i’ve heard about some of the show they perform, and hiiii…like an animal show. the hard things was to find “halal” food, hiks…. the only restaurant who has halal food is Indian restaurant but when it comes to taste…yuck!…then we shouted…maakkk, i love Indonesia!

let me go home...

i had totally 3 weeks holiday, almost spending time in trips (still feels jetlag), what a busy exciting days and the result is my body was loosing weight. tired but happy… alhamdulillah…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dee
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 12:41:48

    tengkyu dah sempetin mampir yach…
    jangan kapok loh…!


  2. simplecoy
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 16:15:45

    perjalanan yang meyenangkan 😉


  3. opreker
    Nov 06, 2009 @ 19:05:37



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