old taste…

yesterday was a great weekend i spent, not had trip or did something new. i went to balikpapan to my aunt’s home, it’s not something new either. so what’s happened? it just like an ordinary another week i spent but this time i spent times to collect old top hits i loved…yeah, it’s about music…

in fact, i already had some collection which i put in my notebook but half of my collection’s not really song i’d like to hear in my spare time or company me doing my activities.

gosh! my cousin has a huge and owesome collection which he puts in his 6 g usb separately…i found a lot old hits and i could taste and feel the moment i was shared with the songs. amazing, i found “honestly by stryper”, “teach me how to dream by robbie mcauley”, “bed of roses by bon jovi”,“julia says by wet-wet-wet”, “carrie by europe”, “losing my religion by r.e.m”, “creep by radiohead”, “soul to squeeze by red hot cp” and many many more…

unforgetable “alanis morisette and jewel’s album”…also “kiss me by six pence non the richer” which could inspired a young boy to kiss a girl, whoaah …i realized something that how song will affect your emotion intensely…unfortunately, I didn’t find “the cure’s collection”…:-(

it’s my song!!…often shouts when you hear your favorite song played in a radio or tv is one of provens.

i was directly drowned in the moments, made me smile and mused for awhile, those felt, those though, those people and those times with those songs…reminded me of things…dozens memories would be different from now on and that’s the fact exactly.

how strong an old taste hits will tell you about a memories depends on your emotionally touched and connected with the lyrics of the song and things happened to you in the same time…or other case, it’s just a top song at the moment which is you liked to hear with someone special, bestfriend or friends. nope, the important things is life has a lot of opportunities and choices and music as well…so, let music give a color to your life 🙂

btw, what’s ur old taste hits?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Supir Bemo
    Nov 12, 2008 @ 05:39:27


    for me it’s all Deep Purple’s, Led Zeppelin’s,
    and sum other classic rocks…

    i also like Paul Carrack’s Eyes of Blue, Flim & The BB’s New Snow and also one hard-to-find collection of Hootie and The Blowfish…


  2. serendipity55
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 09:55:26

    yupz, also U2 and Europe…but only several hits i like, hehehe…


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