how comfort u r?

happy thursday…

although it’s raining today in my city and grey sky is sorrounding, i let sunshine spirit eager me….

wheuh, problems and troubles never stop coming to our life. wiseman said; what’s life without problem?

in case, sometimes it’s kinda difficult for us to find the sunshine that makes us happy when the skies are grey. maintaining visions and keeping up urself to get value which giving this life better and meaningful such as only an ideally thinking when we face so many problems

in fact, some of us give up and “death” in process on the way to reach the goals. it’s still good if we are “death” (quit) in the the right time with good reason to start the right way but how if it is only about “how comfort” you are in a place?

a conversation with a friend dealing with something comfortable and uncomfortable annoyed me yesterday. as we know, people tends feel uncomfortable wit new people, new place and new condition or something what they aren’t excpecting and something unpredictable…

how comfort you are in this matter… doesn’t mean what job you loved or anything could make you desire. how comfort you are talking about how you take a risk for something you believe, to leap each uncomfortable condition and focus on vision.

hmmm, hoply we’re not confuse anymore and asking what is our vision and mission? the important things…we should have a truth reason which will make ourselves stay alive and stronger facing uncomfortable things on our way to the goals, and it’s not only about materials but also spiritual sides.

actually unknowing much, tryin’ to comprehend and just sharing… on the way convincing my self 🙂


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