from zero to hero

Glad to know I don’t have class schedule this week. It’s so crowded after my personal leave went to Makassar. Some change in plans and two staffs also decided to make a change. They are good and I really appreciate what they’ve done in our center. I knew already this would be happened soon or later, they got spirit in our several meetings.

Sometimes I realized that I shouldn’t encourage them to do so but I think everyone deserve to get better and the best thing in their life. I lost them when they had that thing… thing will make them keep step forward.

I remember the day when everyone from Balikpapan centre under estimated them and the owner willing to fire them all if I agreed… but I proved they had something but need to motivated. Hmmm… remember Mr. Lee and Mrs. Stella…they told me it’s not always about the business but also relationship… Yah, that’s rite! We need someone to help us to stand up when we are down…i learned much inspired things from them.

I believed everyone has something… but some of them realized but the others not. It takes sometimes to make them realize it. Potential things in them hided and some of mental blocks became their belief system could be destructive…

Indeed we are nothing in the beginning but chance to live is giving a meaning that you have value to be presented for life, such you are a hero in the end.

Btw, for a couple week forward… need extra effort to cover some field which vacant in my office meanwhile looking for the rite person in the rite place

Congratulation Ita and Galih…adios amigos guys!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mc
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 04:06:15

    life is a choice.
    good to hear that you allow your staffs to choose what they decided to do.
    don’s stop to believe in people.

    by the way, it’s my first visit. thank you for reading my comment. hopefully it can be an exercise for me to practice my english (because i thing you work in related field. i’m sorry if i’m wrong:)

    keep on writing!

    best regards,


  2. serendipity55
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 06:52:09

    yeah, still believe…;-)


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